In a rush? Grab your Canva Kit now.  

Create your own professionally-designed wellness ebook, sales-boosting webinar, and social media posts, in a quarter of the time with these Canva templates.

Wellness Business Canva Kit

Have big dreams, but not enough time to execute and make them a reality? Here's permission to remove "graphic design" from your to-do list. 📝

With this Canva Kit, you won't spend your valuable time on graphic design -  customize these templates to make your own aesthetic ebooks, lead magnets, video lesson slides, social media graphics, and webinar presentations. You'll save hours of time with these quick and easy to customize, professionally-designed templates.

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When it comes to filling your bank account & growing your email list... these templates are gold. 🏆

Aside from saving time here’s what you’ll get:

Ebook and lead-magnet templates

Creating a digital guide for your course or service is easy as customizing the color palette, choosing your cover & page options, fonts, and copy.  

These templates can be used to create any wellness-inspired ebook you need including: lead magnets, recipe or workout guides, checklists, ebooks, workbooks, meal plans and more.

Webinar presentation & course slides templates

Nothing grows your email list faster and sells your product more effectively than hosting a webinar.  

Just fill in the prompts on this 5-figure revenue-generating template to effortlessly create your own high-converting webinar.

Social media post templates

These customizable Canva templates  make creating an aesthetic Instagram feed easy, even if you're not a designer!  Professionally designed with aesthetics, engagement, and sales strategy in mind, so you can save time and energy every week.

Branding Made Easy video lessons

Branding your ebook, online course, or even your business doesn't have to be overwhelming! In these video lessons, I teach you how to create a captivating color palette, a memorable logo, and choose the best font pairing for all your templates.

Here's how you'll customize the templates:


Log into the Canva Kit course portal 

All the templates and video lesson  trainings are conveniently located in a course portal. You'll receive an email with your username and password to log in to the Canva Kit course portal the minute you purchase.


Choose which template style works best for your product

As a Black Friday founding buyer of the Wellness Ebook Canva Kit, you'll get access to both the Arches & Curves template as well as the Modern & Minimal template.

All the fonts, colors, elements, and images on these templates can be easily customized in the next step. Choose your template based on the overall look at feel of the layout rather than the color palette or images used in the templates.


Watch the lessons on how to customize your templates

You'll have multiple cover options and numerous layouts for every page so you can create a 100% personalized ebook, recipe guide, or workbook. This allows you to customize the templates for your needs, and create a completely unique end product that won't look like anyone else's.


Create your Ebook, Webinar, Course Slides, and Insta Posts

After customizing the templates with your branding and copy, you're ready to export them and share with the world! You can present your webinars, record course video lessons, and even schedule Instagram posts directly from Canva.

About the Canva Kit Creator

Hey! I'm Anne Marie.

After working in the design industry, and teaching at an art university for over a decade, while simultaneously growing my own wellness business, I transitioned into teaching other entrepreneurs how to create digital products.

Now I work full-time  (more like 28 hrs/wk because digital products = freedom) helping entrepreneurs like you create their own ebooks, courses, and group programs so they can build their own profitable, dream business.

Take a Peek at the Templates:

Buy the template pack today and you'll get lifetime access to both template styles. This is an exclusive offer just for Black Friday - in the future, each template style will be sold separately.

  • Arches & Curves Template Pack

  • Modern & Minimal Template Pack

Arches & Curves Template Pack

This fully customizable template pack features curved lines for an on-trend look. 

Use the video trainings to learn how to change all the colors in these templates to match your branding in one click.

Grab your Canva Kit now so you can quickly and confidently DIY while saving time and money.

Ebook Template Pack

Grab the Canva templates for both the ebook styles.



  • Arches & Curves Ebook Template
  • Modern & Minimal Ebook Template
  • Video Lessons on how to customize your templates

Full Template Pack

Grab the ebook Canva templates, plus the coordinating templates for webinars, video lessons, and social media graphics.



  • Arches & Curves Ebook Template
  • Arches & Curves Webinar Template
  • Modern & Minimal Ebook Template
  • Modern & Minimal Webinar Template
  • Social Media Feed Post Templates
  • Branding Made Easy Video Lessons
  • Video Lessons on how to customize your templates


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