Canva Ebook Template Kit

Save hours creating workbooks, lead magnets, webinars, and ebooks when you cross ‘graphic design‘ off your to-do list with templates

You can double your customers when you use professionally designed, easy-to-customize templates

Your webinar, course, and ebook needs strong design to purposely communicate. 

Effective communication = better results = more sales.

Graphics better convey info to your customers, so they can get the result they're paying for. 

Results = happy customers = returning customers = more sales.

Strong graphics mixed with text can quickly communicate info to your busy customers.

Faster info processing = faster results = better testimonials = more sales.

You want to create a digital product... like yesterday.

There's a way you can create an aesthetic ebook and webinar in 1/4th the time. Let's look at the facts.

When it comes to designing your ebook:

Here's the good news:

Canva Ebook & Webinar Templates

The quick & easy way to create rave-worthy digital products that get results.

Check out the templates included:

These customizable templates can be used to create lead magnets, ebooks, workbooks, recipe and workout guides, meal plans, journals, and more.

A high converting webinar isn't just about design – it's also about strategy! When you get the webinar templates, you'll have a clear framework for how to teach and how to sell on a webinar.

These customizable Canva templates will make creating attention-grabbing, engagement- and sales-boosting Instagram feed easy, even if you're not a designer!

It's time you started winning in your business

These easy-to-customize Canva templates ensure your content communicates well and looks great. 👌




Meal Plans


social posts


meal plans



Workout Guides

recipes books


social posts

When it comes to creating and selling digital products… these templates are gold. 🏆

Aside from saving time here’s what you’ll get:

Ebook and Lead-Magnet Templates

Creating a digital product is easy as customizing the color palette, choosing your cover & page options, fonts, and copy.

These templates can be used to create any wellness-inspired ebook you need including: lead magnets, recipe or workout guides, checklists, ebooks, workbooks, journals, meal plans, and more.

Webinar & Course Slides Templates*

Nothing grows your email list faster and sells your product more effectively than hosting a webinar.

Just fill in the prompts on this 5-figure revenue-generating template to effortlessly create your own high-converting webinar.

These templates can also be used for presentations and pre-recorded video lessons.

*Special Course Launch Summit price of only $60 $9!

Social Media Graphics Templates

These customizable Canva templates make creating an aesthetic Instagram feed easy, even if you're not a designer!

Professionally designed with aesthetics, engagement, and sales strategy in mind, so you can save time and energy every week.

Branding Made Easy Course

Branding your ebook, online course, or even your business doesn't have to be overwhelming!

In these video lessons, I teach you how to create a captivating color palette, a memorable logo, and choose the best font pairing for your templates.

Take a look at the Templates:

Here's how to customize your templates:

Select the template that works best for your brand

The fonts, colors, elements, and images on these templates can be easily customized in the next step. Choose your template based on the overall look at feel of the layout rather than the color palette or images used in the templates.

Log into the Canva Kit course portal

All the templates and video lesson trainings are conveniently located in a course portal. You'll receive an email with your username and password so you can log in to the Canva Kit course portal the minute you purchase.

Watch the lessons to learn how to customize your templates

You'll have multiple cover options and layouts for every page so you can create a 100% personalized ebook, recipe guide, or workbook. This allows you to customize the templates for your needs, and create a completely unique product that won't look like anyone else's.

Create your Ebook, Webinar, Course Slides, and Insta Posts

After customizing the templates, you're ready to export them and share with the world! You can present your webinars, record course video lessons, and even schedule Instagram posts directly from Canva.

Grab your Canva Kit now so you can confidently DIY while saving time and money.

Ebook Template Pack

Get both the Modern and the Arches template FREE for joining the Course Launch Summit!

Hey! I'm Anne Marie.

After working in the design industry, and teaching at an art university for more than a decade, I started teaching other entrepreneurs how to create transformative and high-quality digital products.

Now I work full-time helping entrepreneurs like you create your own ebooks, courses, and group programs so you can build your own profitable business.


Frequently Asked Questions

While these templates will work for any creator in any industry, they were designed for wellness, fitness, and mindset coaches specifically.
The ebook templates in this kit have multiple layouts for virtually any page you'd need to create a digital cookbook, fitness guide, meal plan, workbook, challenge guide, opt in freebies, journals, and more. The multiple layouts and cover options allows you to completely customize the template for your product.

The webinar presentation templates follow a high-converting framework for selling a digital product during a webinar or masterclass.

These webinar templates sell for $60 each, but you can get both for only $9 for attending the Course Launch Summit. You'll see the option to purchase these after filling out the form above.

The social media templates are categorized to share quotes, memes, engagement boosters, and sales/promotional posts. Just like the other templates in the Canva Kit, you can quickly customize them for your brand.

Canva is an online software that makes graphic design easy. Even though I have a decade of experience in Graphic Design, I personally love using Canva because of it's ease and simplicity. 

Canva has a free version and a paid version for $12/mo. You can use these templates with either version. 

Nope! Although Canva is simple to use, it is a robust software with TONS of capabilities. I share my favorite Canva hacks and shortcuts included in this kit.

I personally love the library of free stock photography Canva offers, so you won't even need to take your own photos or buy any unless you choose to.

Yes, this Canva Kit was made specifically for YOU. If you want to create an online course, an ebook, or a webinar, graphic design should not be what holds you back.

These templates were professionally designed, so all you need to use them is the ability to write and click a button to change the color palette to suit your brand.

Yes! You'll get instant access to the Canva Kit course log in, where you'll be able to watch the trainings and download all the templates immediately.

Due to the digital, instant access delivery of these templates, we do not offer refunds. Only purchase if you're ready to go all in!